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We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the IT industry, established with 20 years of experience.

IT Services

Find out why our customers call us “The IT Utility Company”.

Emergency Services

Our mission is to protect your data and to ensure the safety of your business.


MLAN is the leader in industry specific wireless network needs.

Server Management

We take care of the “what ifs” surrounding your data and server systems.​

IT services

MLAN Consulting –
The IT Utility Company

At MLAN Consulting, we think your internet should be as easy to use as the water and power in your office. When you turn on the faucet, water flows. When you plug into an MLAN network, data flows.

Keeping you connected is our top priority. Whether you are a small business or a corporation with multiple locations, MLAN Consulting has the experience and knowledge necessary to fully equip you for the demands of modern connectivity.

Our wide range of services are developed on consistently stable networks, and are researched and updated by a devoted staff. From email, mobile devices, and personalized operating systems, to the secure transferring of confidential information, we can formulate an affordable and personalized solution for you.

our Philosophy

MLAN operates from the mindset that your IT systems should be working properly and without issues. A high level of customer service, combined with our long experience and success with proven methods, give us the confidence to call ourselves “The IT Utility Company”.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that many of the problems we encounter can be resolved remotely, easily, and often within minutes. For those urgent issues that require more attention, our field technicians repair the worst onsite failures in person.

Specialized equipment, innovative design, and outstanding service make us the most reliable source for your IT systems, and the most intelligent source for your internet and data. We can provide you with a complete appraisal of your systems to ensure that you’re getting the full support you require. 

You Have a Choice

When choosing your support provider, you need one that can do it all, and do it well. MLAN Consulting has over twenty years of experience and service across San Diego. We are deeply knowledgeable of all the systems that we deploy and have the experience and staff to maintain all of it. Our goal is to have your systems operating at the highest level of performance and at the lowest cost to your bottom line.

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Hundreds of Installations keeping clients happy and productive.



Fast diagnosis of onsite or cloud issues to keep you up and running.



Your entire network, managed and monitored for true peace of mind.



A long list of client servers and data saved from disaster

Are You Prepared?

To Send Your Key Employees Home to Work?

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If your organization decides to or needs to have your employees work remotely due to a mandatory quarantine or otherwise are you ready for this possibility?

Requests for this service are increasing rapidly at this time.  We want to make sure that you are ready with the tools you need to be able to continue to run your business no matter what your situation is.    
If you need more internet bandwidth to support remote access we can help you get that setup for you.

If you need guidance on help to enable your organization for remote work via VPN access from a remote computer or via direct access to your existing work PCs we can help with that.

We can setup your existing systems or augment your network with VPN functionality or easily deploy remote access capabilities to your PCs.

If this is something you need to prepare for or are wondering what this process entails please let me know.   

Make sure your business is prepared should you need to respond quickly to any scenario requiring remote work.